Baby Care

Thermal Hats

With plastic vapor barrier

Hypothermia is a serious problem for low birthweight infants, newborns, and infants undergoing surgical procedures in an uncontrolled thermal environment. The surface area of the head is about 20% of the total body surface and is a major source of heat loss. New standards for very premature infants recommend aggressive measures for thermal regulation and humidity immediately following birth.  New evidence in normal newborns indicates that Moms with a high BMI may not generate enough heat to keep their babies warm enough during the Golden Hour after birth.  Thermal hats have been shown to make a difference! (see the study below)

The Dandle•LION Thermal Hats keep heat from escaping with a quiet Polyethylene Liner (DEHP and latex free) that is encased between two layers of soft yarn so it never touches the baby. The plastic is stitched securely at the top with overlapping side panels that adjust to the size of the baby’s head without compromising the thermal barrier.

Like a hug for your head.

  • Helps to reduce heat loss by wicking away moisture and preventing evaporative heat loss
  • Thick two ply acrylic feels soft and warm on baby’s skin
  • Retain their shape better and longer than stockinette
  • No loose threads or unfinished edges
  • Color-coded stitching at the top makes size identification easy