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Webinar:- Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: Rethinking our Approach

Webinar Date:  Thursday, August 23, 2018:  9 am PT, 11 am MT; 10 am CT, 12 pm EST Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome:  Rethinking Our Approah The traditional approach to caring for substance-exposed infants includes a NICU admission, extended separation for their families, and pharmacological strategies.   The team at Yale-New Haven have developed another way that is centered around a baby’s job […]

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Webinar: Supporting and Enhancing NICU Sensory Experiences (SENSE)

Webinar Date:  Wednesday, June 6:  11 am PT, noon MT; 1 pm CT, 2 pm EST Supporting and Enhancing NICU Sensory Experiences (SENSE):                                                                          […]

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Going Green In The NICU

Dandle•LION™ Medical is committed to all natural, eco-friendly and sustainable products and practices. From cotton in the Dandle ROO™ and Dandle WRAP™ to recycled paper and notebook content in The Empower Program™, we are striving to be as "green" as we can for both the babies and the environment! For more information on Going Green in the NICU, go to

Clinical Education

The Dandle·LION Medical webinar series is off to a fabulous start! Our webinars are recorded and can be viewed either live, with an opportunity to ask questions, or as a recording. Both ways offer a FREE CEU!! Go to to register for a webinar and get a link to the recording and CEU evaluation.