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Dandle•LION Bathing System

Babies Love the Dandy Tub!

The baby is swaddled in the Itty Bitty Baby Blanket and remains alert and calm.
His head is supported by Mom’s hand while the rest of his body is submerged in the warm water.

Bathing of newborns, and especially preterm babies, can often be stressful for the babies, the staff and the parents. Preterm infants are especially vulnerable to cold stress and generally do not have the stamina or capabilities to remain physiologically or behaviorally stable during a tub bath. Swaddled bathing is the practice of wrapping a baby in a lightweight cloth (in a flexed and midline position), immersing him in warm water to the shoulders, and exposing only one area of the body at a time for washing. Swaddled bathing has been shown to reduce behavioral stress, keep babies more thermally stable and conserve their energy for subsequent feedings. Interviewed parents express an increased confidence and preference in swaddled bathing.

(Quraishy, K, Bowles, S & Moore J. (2013) A Protocol for Swaddled Bathing in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Newborn and Infant Nursing Reviews, Vol. 13, pp 48-50.)

Parents Love the Dandy Tub!

  • Easy to support and wash their baby
  • Builds parent confidence
  • Provides wonderful opportunity for parent-child interaction and bonding

Staff Love the Dandy Tub!

  • Disposable Plastic Liner helps to reduce the risk of infection and protects baby from any cleaning product residue
  • More efficient bathing, takes less time
  • Easy to teach parents
  • Easy clean up

Dandy Tub Video

Dandy Tub complete contains:

  • 1 Tub with thermometer strip and lid
  • 1 Plastic Liner
  • 1 Bathing Hammock (either size XS or S)
  • 1 Packet Bubbly Wash
  • Optional accessory: Itty Bitty Blanket

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