Positioning Aids

Dandle ROO™ Lite

U.S. Patents: 9,332,791, 9,474,669, 9,820,907

The Dandle ROO Lite neurodevelopment positioning aid is one-of-a-kind!  Like the Dandle ROO2, the Dandle ROO Lite supports prone, supine and side-lying positions all in one device but it also has these unique features:

  • Unlike most disposable products, the ROO Lite is made from a soft, stretchy cotton, not from petroleum based non-woven paper or polyester. And…even though it is disposable, it can be hand laundered and re-used several times on the same patient.
  • A single layer of lightweight cotton allows approximately 70% of phototherapy light to penetrate the baby’s skin.
  • The low cost encourages creative uses! Consider it for admissions, during phototherapy treatment, for eye or hearing screens, on transport, during “messy” procedures or anytime a baby would benefit from containment and comfort.

The Dandle ROO Lite is a circumferential system that supports prone, supine and side-lying positions all in one device. It helps to position babies in a manner that supports not only the musculoskeletal and motor systems, but aids and facilitates sleep and neurodevelopment. The ROO Lite optimizes the opportunities for preterm infants to be contained in a flexed, midline position with the ability to move and return to flexion that contributes to physical growth, decreases stress and agitation, decreases energy needs, and helps to promote the formation of healthy neuronal pathways.

More Information

The Dandle ROO Lite consists of a quilted base with an attached headroll, wings and pouch.  It comes in 4 sizes:

  • XS for babies <1000 g
  • S for babies 1000-1800 g
  • M for babies 1800-2500 g
  • L for babies 2500-3600 g.

Optional accessories:

  • Multi-purpose roll that helps to keep lower extremities in a posterior pelvic tilt or used as a prone roll
  • A gel pillow with cover
  • Brim to shield the eyes may be purchased as accessories.

The Dandle ROO Lite is based on the same principles as the Dandle ROO2. The following instructional pieces provide additional information about positioning and product benefits.

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