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Webinar: Team – From Development to Sustainability

Webinar Date:  Friday, October 20, 2017:  9 am PT, 10 am MT; 11 am CT, noon EST

Faculty: Mindy Morris, DNP, NNP-BC, CNS and Liz Drake, MN, NNP, CNS

Have you ever been stuck doing things the same way and not getting the momentum you know is needed to accomplish the goal? The adage “If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong” comes to mind. What are those things? Do you find there is exhaustion of the vital few? Do you have difficulty sustaining practices? Does QI occur from the top down? Does your team practice with a shared mental model?

Unit culture and conditions often direct practice in NICU’s. This presentation will share two unique approaches in the development/implementation of a team-based approach to care in both a large and small NICU.

Our Learning Objectives:

    1. Describe at least one way an interdisciplinary approach to care can facilitate teamwork and communication
    2. Provide two clinical examples from this presentation where a team-based model of care lead to improved safety, clinical outcomes, staff engagement and family satisfaction