Recommended Laundering Procedures of DandleLION Products



For optimal performance, DandleLION recommends following the guidelines set by the CDC for laundering in a hospital setting. These guidelines state washing at 160 degrees Fahrenheit without chlorine bleach or at lower temperatures if chlorine bleach is added. The use of chlorine bleach will cause fading and also degradation of the high performance fabrics and the Velcro over time, therefore we recommend a non-chlorine bleach if it is needed. If a customer must use chlorine bleach, DandleLION recommends the original Dandle ROO and Dandle WRAP, both of which are made from 100% cotton.

Washing recommendations from Velcro: In applications where our Velcro products are laundered, we recommend washing and drying at cool temperatures without chlorine bleach to prevent the nylon from breaking down. Exposure to both high heat and chlorine bleach will accelerate breakdown and may show signs of melting or cracking of the product.