Positioning Aids

Snuggly ROO™

The Snuggly ROO is part of the DandleLION family of neurodevelopmental positioning products. The padded footroll keeps the lower extremities flexed and contained, while the offset straps help keep hands to face, shoulders rounded, and arms in flexion.

Unique features:

  • Two Snuggly ROO options
    • Printed cloth
    • Disposable
  • Unique color-coded borders for each size

The Snuggly ROO will help:

  • Support the baby’s position when more stability is needed
  • As an extra set of hands to provide individualized positioning
  • Contain a baby during phototherapy or in the initial acute phase, when lines and chest wiggle may need to be visualized on HFOV (try using two PALs – one at the head and one at the feet)
  • Provide support for tubing or medical equipment
  • Support baby in prone, supine and side-lying positions