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Removable Stickers

Handwashing Sticker

Taping messages to incubators or walls is unprofessional, unattractive and can be germy! Our Dandle·LION removable stickers can be removed and reused, wiped down between uses and look great! We currently have two stickers available but we would love to work with you to create any stickers you might need. If you send us an idea, our graphic designer will develop an attractive, professional-looking removable sticker or cling-on to meet your needs.

The Bed Cleaning Reminder sticker has two places for staff to write information – date bed was changed and date for the next bed change. The sticker adheres to any surface and can be easily removed without any residue.

The Hand Washing Sticker was designed in conjunction with Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC. It is a gentle, yet firm, reminder for families and staff to wash their hands before touching the baby. It is 4” x 6” and will fit between the portholes of an incubator or on the side of a warmer.

Call us soon with your removable sticker ideas!

To order:

D 10111 B1000 Bed Cleaning Removable Sticker 1000 to a box
D 10600 B100 Hand Washing Removable Sticker 100 to a box