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Dandle WRAP™ Stretch

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DandleWRAP Stretch

Babies love to be swaddled! By containing motor activity and mimicking the security of a mother’s womb, swaddling comforts babies and results in less crying, more stable heart rates and the ability to sleep through the startle reflex. In a systematic review of swaddling published in Pediatrics in 2007, authors found “swaddled infants arouse less and sleep longer. Preterm infants have shown improved neuromuscular development, less physiologic distress, better motor organization, and more self-regulatory ability when they are swaddled… (Swaddling) is supportive in cases of neonatal abstinence syndrome and infants with neonatal cerebral lesions.” (Swaddling: A Systematic Review van Sleeuwe et al, Pediatrics, Vol. 120 No. 4 October 1, 2007, pp. e1097-1106).

The Dandle WRAP Stretch offers many swaddling benefits over traditional blankets:

  • High performance fabric with 3-way stretch that allows freedom of movement with return to midline flexion
  • A pouch to hold the baby securely and to help maintain lower extremity flexion
  • Wide wings that support the shoulders in flexion and encourage hand to mouth self-comforting behaviors
  • Velcro® fasteners on pouch and wings that can be adjusted independently of each other to meet baby’s individual needs
  • Fabric that breathes, yet is absorbent, making it ideal for agitated babies or those with NAS
  • Plenty of room between the pouch and the wings for lines or tubing
  • The Dandle WRAP Stretch comes in 6 sizes for a perfect fit:
    • XS for babies <1000 g.
    • S for babies 1000-1800 g.
    • M for babies 1800-2500 g.
    • L for babies 2500-3600 g
    • XL for babies 3600-4500 g.
    • XXL for babies > 4500 g.

Dandle WRAP Stretch is made with high performance fabric

The high performance fabric:

  • Has a 3-way stretch that returns to its original shape
  • Is soft, smooth, breathable, wickable, and highly absorbent
  • Does not insulate body heat, making it ideal for use in hot and humid environments
  • Washes well even in industrial machines with minimal shrinkage and pilling
  • Guaranteed for 25 launderings when Laundering Instructions are followed