Key Skin Care Resources & References

  1. — Healthcare Without Harm. For all issues relating to environmentally sustainable and responsible healthcare. Check out their NICU PVC-DEHP audit and tool-kit and much, much more.
  2. — Get informed and then get involved on this site. Read free reports such as “No More Toxic Tub” that reveals dangers in baby skin care products. Visit the “Safe Cosmetics Database” where you can research your favorite products’ ingredients and safety score. Also don’t miss their survey on Nurses’ chemical exposure.
  3. — Education and initiatives for a “green-centered” NICU. Created by a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner.
  4. Learn about the current inadequacies in the US regulation of cosmetics. Watch a free video below or at or read ”Not Just a Pretty Face: The ugly side of the cosmetics industry” by Stacy Malkan.

  5. Learn about the link between early chemical exposures and the American epidemic of neuro-developmental disabilities and cancer: “In Harm’s Way” a free online report by The Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility and the President’s Report on Cancer 2009. Download The Breast Cancer Funds’ State of the Evidence (2010) showing the link between early environmental exposures and breast cancer (
  6. Your Green Guide to Pregnancy: Creating a Healthier Prenatal Environment provides pregnant women with safe, practical steps to achieve a healthy and environmentally safe pregnancy.Chapters include:
    • * Breathe Smoke-Free Air
    • * Stay Beautiful, Sensibly
    • * Avoid Chemicals in the Home
    • * Eat Healthy Food Prepared Safely

    Your Green Guide to Pregnancy empowers women to make informed and healthy choices throughout their pregnancy.

    Running Time: 22 minutes
    Released: 2010
    Languages: English and Spanish

    This program was produced with a small business innovative research grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health & Safety (R43ES014495). Home Edition also available.