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Organic Skin Care Products

Healthcare professionals have the opportunity to model healthy and safe product choices. Our organic skin care products are free from all toxins, proteins, artificial ingredients, chemicals or pesticides. All products are clinically tested, non-allergenic and top rated by the Environmental Working Group for safety. Give the babies in your care the best start possible! 

Playful Wash info sheet

Playful Wash

Playful Wash is mild, gentle and non-irritating for eyes and all sensitive places. It is pH balanced for skin and fragrance free, as recommended by major healthcare organizations. It blends the natural cleansing properties of pure tangerine oil with calming and conditioning calendula and aloe. Preserved with natural ingredients (two year shelf life). 10 mL foil packets. 

Soothing Cream

Soothing Cream picture

Soothing Cream moisturizes with pH balanced, organic extracts. Raspberry butter and calendula bring comfort to any red, dry, itchy, irritated patches, while cucumber and aloe soothe and moisturize. The product is unscented and also contains probiotics, green tea and neem to help prevent skin irritation. A true multi-tasking problem solver that even calms stretchy, itchy pregnancy skin. Preserved with natural ingredients (two year shelf life). 10 mL foil packets. 

Nurturing Balm Diaper Rash Cream

Nurturing Balm pic

Nurturing Balm Diaper Rash Cream prevents discomfort and brings soothing relief to severely chapped, cracked or irritated skin. A high-level barrier of zinc, tea tree oil and organic calendula battle bacteria and seal out wetness. Pure aloe and calendula extracts minimize redness and promote healing. Organic olive oil, shea butter and grape seed oil restore natural skin lipids and soothe itchy, irritated skin. Preserved with natural ingredients (two year shelf life). 1.5 mL foil packets. 

Skin to Skin Massage Oil

Skin2Skin Massage Oil info sheet

Skin to Skin Massage Oil was developed for the most sensitive skin. The balanced complex of oleic and linoleic acids create an ideal glide for massage. The specially selected and clinically proven oils are rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients. 

For more information on the dangers of chemicals in baby products, please visit the Resource Section.