Bathing & Organic Skin Care

Organic Skin Care Products

DandleLION Medical partnered with Best Ever Baby, and President Kim Walls, to develop a line of skin care products that are safe and healthy for all babies.  The industry-leading formulas, made from 70% or more organic ingredients, are free from all toxins, proteins, artificial ingredients, artificial fragrances, dyes, parabens, phthalates, paraffin, silicone, lanolin, chemicals or pesticides. All products are clinically tested, non-allergenic, and top rated by the Environmental Working Group for safety. Each ingredient was chosen for its benefits to the skin.

Healthcare professionals have the opportunity to model healthy and safe product choices. Give the babies in your care the best start possible!

Bubbly Wash

Bubbly Wash is mild, gentle and non-irritating for eyes and all sensitive places. It is pH balanced for skin and fragrance free, as recommended by major healthcare organizations. It blends the natural cleansing properties of pure sweet orange oil with calming and conditioning ginkgo biloba and aloe. Preserved with natural ingredients (two year shelf life). 10 mL foil packets.

Silky Cream

Silky Cream moisturizes with pH balanced, organic extracts. Shea butter and rose hips bring comfort to any red, dry, itchy, irritated patches, while cucumber and aloe soothe and moisturize. The product is unscented and also contains probiotics and green tea to help prevent skin irritation. A true multi-tasking problem solver that even calms stretchy, itchy pregnancy skin. Preserved with natural ingredients (two year shelf life). 10 mL foil packets.

Diaper Balm

Diaper Balm prevents discomfort and brings soothing relief to severely chapped, cracked or irritated skin. A high-level barrier of zinc, tea tree oil and organic coconut oil battle bacteria and seal out wetness. Organic flower oils restore natural skin lipids and soothe itchy, irritated skin. Preserved with natural ingredients (two year shelf life). 2.5 mL foil packets.

Nurturing Massage Oil

Nurturing Massage Oil was developed for the most sensitive skin. The balanced complex of oleic and linoleic acids create an ideal glide for massage. The specially selected and clinically proven organic oils are rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients. Preserved with natural ingredients (two year shelf life).  .74 oz. flip-top tube.

Why Organic Skin Care Products?

Skin is the largest organ of the human body and plays a role in protection against water loss, absorption of noxious substances and intrusion from micro-organisms.  The skin of all newborns, and especially preterm infants, is thinner and has fewer protective layers, making it more susceptible to infection and irritation.  Using products made with healthy and organic ingredients is important because the skin can absorb much of what it comes into contact with very quickly  When the skin is thin or injured, absorption is increased making babies especially vulnerable.

Many companies use the label “natural” and “hypoallergenic” but beware!  These terms are not regulated by the FDA and a product or food label with the claim of natural can mean most anything.  Truth-In-Marketing rules for food don’t apply in the cosmetics world.

As a NNP and a consumer, I was shocked to learn that some infant skincare products traditionally used in the hospital are far from gentle or pure. We have a responsibility to our patients and their families to be informed about unsafe, chemical-laden products and to champion safer alternatives.

– Kathi Salley Randall, RNC, MSN, CNS, NNP-BC
gRN NICU Consulting, Inc.