Why organic? Because you care enough!

You do so much to protect babies. Now, you have a choice to use organic, preservative, chemical, and pesticide-free sucrose – sweet!

Babies are exposed to potential toxins every day, even while they are in the hospital. Chemicals can be ingested, inhaled and absorbed through the skin. Over a lifetime, these exposures really add up. Some scientists, and a growing number of physicians and nurses, believe that environmental exposure to chemicals may contribute to an increase in conditions like developmental disabilities, asthma and childhood cancers. At Dandle·LION, we believe there is no acceptable level of chemicals in products designed for babies. We want to protect babies, no matter what.

Our product is made of USDA certified organic sucrose. The sugar cane is grown without pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers of any kind…and since it’s grown organically, the local wildlife and water supplies are protected as well.

Oral sucrose administration has been extensively studied in both preterm and term neonates and has been found to significantly reduce pain responses during routine painful procedures such as heel lancing and venipuncture. The AAP in their 2006 policy on The Prevention and Management of Pain in the Neonate states that the use of oral sucrose and other non-pharmacologic pain-reduction strategies should be used during minor routine procedures. Repeated painful procedures may cause neuro-developmental impairment, especially in preterm babies (AAP). A review done by Harrison et al also indicates that sucrose is effective during immunizations in babies up to 12 months of age.