KangaROO Kuddler™

kangaroo-kuddlerThe KangaROO Kuddler helps parents and staff feel a little more relaxed and confident during skin-to-skin holding.  Kangaroo Care expert Dr. Susan M. Ludington-Hoe, PhD, CNM, FAAN, recommends a minimum of an hour of skin-to-skin holding in order for baby and parent to enjoy the maximum therapeutic benefits of kangaroo care.

The KangaROO Kuddler wraps snugly around the parent and baby, providing support and holding the baby securely on the chest or between Mom’s breasts.  Mom and Dad can just relax and enjoy the time with their newborn without worrying they might fall asleep and loosen their hold.  The KangaROO Kuddler provides the framework for meaningful bonding time for parent and child.

The KangaROO Kuddler offers security and comfort for the baby and the family during skin-to-skin holding.