Infant “Identi”fier

Add another layer of protection for the babies in your care! The Infant ‘Identi’fier™ biometrically links the mother to her baby by capturing the baby’s DNA and the mother’s fingerprint in one location. This is the first product that can be used to link adoptive parents, or parents who used a donor to aid in conception, to their baby. It will link the mother and/or father to the baby, help to identify the baby or help with scent tracking in case of emergency.

The entire process takes only a few minutes. One end of the uniquely shaped wafer is swabbed inside the mouth of a newborn during the hospital stay. This swab captures shedding cheek cells containing DNA, as well as the scent of the infant’s saliva for scent dog tracking. The other end of the Infant ‘Identi’fier wafer captures the mother’s and/or father’s fingerprints. The wafer is then placed in a double sealed plastic bag. The wafer is bio-inert and has no scent, taste or smell. The sealed bag can be kept in the hospital until discharge or given to the parents to take home for safekeeping. Parents are instructed to keep the Infant ‘Identi’fier out of direct sunlight (e.g. in the freezer, a bureau drawer, etc).

Current security measures in hospitals are aimed at preventing abduction during the hospital stay. The Infant ‘Identi’fier not only identifies the baby should anything happen, but also acts as a future security measure. Current identification methods of foot printing and infant pictures are inadequate in the case of a real emergency. The Infant ‘Identi’fier ensures you and the baby are protected during the hospital stay and beyond.

The inventor and developer of the Infant ‘Identi’fier, Dr. David Tesini, DMD, is a pediatric dentist who previously invented the Toothprint™ Identifier for children. It uses a similar process to capture the “dental fingerprint” of children once they have teeth. He was contacted by police departments, pediatricians and other local law enforcement personnel to develop an identification device that could be used on infants.

The Infant ‘Identi’fier is very reasonably priced. Give your parents and babies the gift of reassurance!

Made in the U.S.A.


“I think the Infant ‘Identi’fier is wonderful! It is non-invasive and easy to use. I wish it was around when my children were young. I’m glad it’s here for my grandchildren.”
-Lactation consultant

“It took seconds – just one thumbprint and a fingerprint. It didn’t hurt her. She didn’t mind it at all; she didn’t even wake up! It was easy and quick. I think the Infant ‘Identi’fier is an awesome idea. I’m glad someone thought of it in case something did happen and she’s taken from us. This is something that would link us together. I can’t believe there wasn’t a product like this out there to begin with.”
– Haley’s Mom

U.S. Patent No. 7,252,507; 7,335,002, other Patents Pending