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Gel-filled Pillows

With white or print covers

gel-pillowsDandleLION soft gel-filled pillows are designed to provide a comfortable cushion to meet the support needs of micro-preemie, preemie, and full-term infants. Gel pillows can help reduce the need for frequent re-positioning or to make immobilized babies more comfortable. Gel pillows can be used as a mattress for very low birthweight babies or as a prone roll for bigger babies. Each gel pillow comes with a fully washable cover.

Our pillows are made from soft, DEHP free polyethylene film that does not react with the gel fill. Our pillow covers come in a white 100% cotton, or in the Dandy print, and both can be washed and reused. The gel is a non-toxic, water based food gel that is resistant to bacterial and fungal growth.