Dandle WRAP™

The Dandle WRAP™ was developed by NICU professionals to support the neurodevelopment of the preterm and ill infant.

The Dandle WRAP™ supports positioning of the developing, more competent infant and may be used in support of back to sleep practice, especially for those babies who struggle with the transition from positioning aids to an unsupported supine position. The WRAP is very helpful during kangaroo care transfers, IV starts, PICC line placement, etc. and is adaptable for diaper changes and visualization of specific areas without disturbing the baby.

The Dandle WRAP™ is a one piece system made from soft, stretchable cotton with a  backside that accepts micro-fasteners. The Dandle WRAP offers the same wings and pouch of the Dandle ROO to help individualize care and encourage movement and flexion. It can be tightened for more secure support to encourage sleep and flexion and loosened during active periods. With the shorter wing tucked under the babies arms and the longer one supporting the upper extremities, the Dandle WRAP meets published guidelines for Back to Sleep but still gives babies the comfort of supporting hands-to-mouth and flexion of both upper and lower limbs. Transition your babies from the Dandle ROO to the Dandle WRAP as they get closer to transitioning to open cribs and home.

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To order:

Dandle WRAP – wrap support; meets Back to Sleep guidelines

D 0942 B12 Dandle WRAP Size S 1000-1800 g. Case of 12
D 0943 B12 Dandle WRAP Size M 1800-2500 g. Case of 12
D 0944 B12 Dandle WRAP Size L > 2500 g. Case of 12

Neurodevelopmental Support System Sample Packs

D 0962 Level 2 Starter Pack Case of 12
– 3 each S and M Dandle ROO
– 3 each M and L Dandle WRAP
D 0963 Level 3 Start Pack Case of 12
– 2 each XS, S, M Dandle ROO
– 2 each S, M, L Dandle WRAP