Positioning Aids

Dandle ROO2™

Neurodevelopmental Positioning Aid with 3-way Stretch

U.S. Patents: 9,332,791, 9,474,669, 9,820,907

Appropriate neurodevelopment positioning enhances physiologic and behavioral tolerance of NICU interventions, decreases stress and supports the developing brain of the infant. The flexed position of the baby in utero is the basis for all future movement, yet difficult to achieve outside the womb.

The Dandle ROO2 is a circumferential system that supports prone, supine and side-lying positions all in one device. It helps to position babies in a manner that supports not only the musculoskeletal and motor systems, but aids and facilitates sleep and neurodevelopment. The ROO2 optimizes the opportunities for preterm infants to be contained in a flexed, midline position with the ability to move and return to flexion that contributes to physical growth, decreases stress and agitation, decreases energy needs, and helps to promote the formation of healthy neuronal pathways.

The Dandle ROO2 provides these neurodevelopmental benefits:

  • Supports active and resting posture of the infant in all positions
  • Allows movement against a dynamic surface vs a static or restrained surface
  • Supports the baby’s head in midline
  • Supports hip flexion and pelvic tilt with the provision of the multi-purpose roll
  • Promotes sleep by increasing comfort, decreasing motor stress and increasing opportunities for self-comfort
  • Provides opportunities for the infant to experience proprioceptive input via complete circumferential support
  • Is flexible enough to be used with all medical conditions while still providing support

Why the Dandle ROO2 high performance fabric is so important

The Dandle ROO high performance fabric gives the baby an experience that is supportive, safe and dynamic, rather than static. Restricted positions and prolonged joint compression may lead to muscle shortening or skeletal deformation. Allowing the infant to experience dynamic movements versus remaining static more closely mimics the intra-uterine environment while also supporting neuromotor development. Babies positioned in the ROO2 can stretch, move, wiggle while maintaining optimal positioning and receiving proprioceptive input- just like they would in the womb.

The high performance fabric:

  • Has a 3-way stretch that returns to its original shape
  • Is soft, smooth, breathable, wickable, and highly absorbent
  • Does not insulate body heat, making it ideal for use in hot and humid environments
  • Washes well even in industrial machines with minimal shrinkage and pilling
  • Guaranteed for 25 launderings when Laundering Instructions are followed

More Information

The ROO2 comes with the base (headroll, wings and pouch) and 1 multi-purpose roll that helps to keep lower extremities in a posterior pelvic tilt, which is critical to long-term development. A gel pillow with cover and brim to shield the eyes may be purchased as accessories.

The ROO2 comes in 3 sizes:

  • XS for babies <1000 g
  • S for babies 1000-1800 g
  • M for babies 1800-2500 g

Optional accessories:

  • Multi-purpose roll that helps to keep lower extremities in a posterior pelvic tilt or used as a prone roll
  • A gel pillow with cover
  • Brim to shield the eyes