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Dandle ROO2™

Neurodevelopmental Positioning Aid with 3-way Stretch

ROO2-13Like the original Dandle ROO, the ROO2 is a circumferential system that supports prone, supine and side-lying positions all in one device.

While the Dandle ROO is made with a white 100% cotton fabric, the ROO2 is made with a high quality sports performance fabric in a cute lion print.

The basic principles of the ROO and ROO2 are the same – optimize the opportunities for preterm infants to be contained in a flexed, midline position with the ability to move and return to flexion.

The ROO2 comes with the base (headroll, wings and pouch) and 1 multi-purpose roll that helps to keep lower extremities in a posterior pelvic tilt, critical to long-term development.  The gel pillow with cover and brim to shield the eyes may be purchased as accessories.

The ROO2 comes in 3 sizes:

Dandle ROO2 is made with fabulous high performance fabric!

In-Service Video: