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Dandle ROO™

The Dandle ROO™ was developed by NICU professionals to support the neurodevelopment of the preterm and ill infant.

The Dandle ROO™ is the first three-dimensional system that supports prone, supine and side-lying positions all in one device.

The Dandle ROO™ comes with a:

Patents Pending

To order:

Dandle ROO – complete system to support baby in all positions, includes:
1 Base support, 1 Gel pad,1 Gel pad cover,1 Multi-purpose roll, 1 Brim

If you would like to order components separately, please call the office for pricing and part numbers.

D 0951 B12 Dandle ROO Size XS <1000 g Case of 12
D 0952 B12 Dandle ROO Size S 1000-1800 g. Case of 12
D 0953 B12 Dandle ROO Size M 1800-2500 g. Case of 12

Neurodevelopmental Support System Sample Packs

D 0962 Level 2 Starter Pack Case of 12
– 3 each S and M Dandle ROO
– 3 each M and L Dandle WRAP
D 0963 Level 3 Start Pack Case of 12
– 2 each XS, S, M Dandle ROO
– 2 each S, M, L Dandle WRAP