Positioning Aids

Dandle PAL™

The Dandle PAL is made up of two sections or pouches that are filled with micro discs that feel silky to the touch. The weighted pouches provide flexible boundaries that can be easily molded around the infant to provide support.

Unique features:

  • New! Two Dandle PAL options
    • Wipeable with disposable or reusable cloth covers
    • Washable
  • Dual-pouch design offers flexibility
    • Larger pouch fills the ‘arms’ that provide support and flexion
    • Smaller pouch gives height or extra support where needed

The Dandle PAL will help:

  • Support the baby’s position when more stability is needed
  • As an extra set of hands to provide individualized positioning
  • Contain a baby during phototherapy or in the initial acute phase, when lines and chest wiggle may need to be visualized on HFOV (try using two PALs – one at the head and one at the feet)
  • Provide support for tubing or medical equipment
  • Support baby in prone, supine and side-lying positions

The Dandle PAL specifications:

  • Two interior plastic pellet-filled bags stitched inside one cotton cover
    • Pellets are made from free polypropylene plastic that are DEHP free and not made with natural rubber latex
    • Pellets are blue “just in case”
    • Double bagged for safety
  • Only soft cotton touches the baby
  • May be machine washed and dried (see laundry instructions) and can be reused between patients