Dandle PAL™

Smaller bean bag is positioned behind the horseshoe, stabilized with the handle, to provide additional support for flexion of the lower extremities.

Developed by a team of neonatal occupational and physical therapists, the unique double bean bag design makes the Dandle PAL a versatile positioning tool.  The Dandle PAL can be used alone, with multiple PALs or in conjunction with the Dandle ROO2 or Dandle WRAP Stretch.

Unique features:

Smaller bean bag, positioned on top of the larger one, provides stability for the head and support for the SiPAP tubing. Longer legs help keep shoulders founded forward.


The Dandle PAL will help:

The Dandle PAL™ specifications:

To order:

D 11505 B10 Dandle PAL One size fits all Case of 10