About Us

Dandle·LION Medical is a small company with a big heart!

We are passionate about helping caregivers provide the best care for babies and their families. All our products are created at the suggestion of clinicians or with an advisory team of clinicians.

Our team worked with nurses and therapists to create the next generation of neurodevelopmental positioning aids with our Dandle ROO and WRAP. When germs were found in the residue left by tape, we developed a line of removable stickers. When the team at St. Louis Children’s Hospital wanted to share their years of work creating a program for families of babies born at less than 31 weeks gestation, we worked with them to commercialize their Empower Program.

We hope you will bring us your needs, your ideas and your passions to create better products, a safer environment and better outcomes for premature and sick babies!

Why Dandle·LION and not Dandelion?

To dandle means 1. to bounce a baby on your knee or in your arms or 2. To move or shift into a new position or place. A lion evokes a sense of protection and courage. Hospital caregivers protect and advocate for babies every day, and we at DandleLION Medical, hope to help you move care for babies in new directions by creating innovative, evidence-based products.