About Us

About Us

Why Dandle·LION and not Dandelion?

To dandle means 1. To bounce a baby on your knee or in your arms or 2. To move or shift into a new position or place. A lion evokes a sense of protection and courage. Hospital caregivers protect and advocate for babies every day, and we at DandleLION Medical, hope to help you move care for babies in new directions by creating innovative, evidence-based products.

Dandle·LION Medical is a small company with a big heart

At DandleLION Medical, we are passionate about optimizing neurodevelopmental outcomes for all babies and helping caregivers provide the best care for patients and families. All of our products are created at the suggestion of clinicians and developed with a team of clinical advisors. We actively search for product ideas that can streamline or provide the bedside caregiver efficiency so they have more time to spend with the infant and family.

The first DandleLION Medical products were created at the request of nurses and therapists who were looking to enhance their positioning aids based on current research. Our DandleLION engineering and marketing teams collaborated with them to create the next generation of neurodevelopmental positioning aids with our Dandle ROO and Dandle WRAP product lines.

When evidence became available about the possible toxic side effects of skin care products used in the hospital, we partnered with a baby skin care expert to create a new line of organic skin care products safe for the most fragile baby skin. When technologies emerged to remove chemical preservatives from 24% sucrose solutions, we worked with a pharmaceutical company to simplify our KISSES formulation to include just purified water and organic sucrose – sweet and simple!

We listen.  No idea or need is too small.  We hope you will bring us your needs, your ideas and your passions to create superior products, a safer environment and better outcomes for premature and sick babies!